Wednesday, 3 June 2015

EllieBethDesignsUK stickers review

My EllieBethDesignsUK stickers came yesterday, I ordered twice from her but these are the first stickers to arrive, as the other order confused a postman and got taken to the wrong house!
Today my second order arrived, this one only had the stickers and business card in it as it was only a small order.

This is what I ordered
(second order)
(first order)

I love all these stickers so much, the colours are very vibrant and the paper they're printed on is good quality. I love all the designs as they're perfect for the coming summer months. Also the price is amazing value for the quality you get, its a bargain!

I just had to try these stickers out so did a little bit of decorating next week!
The colour pigmentation is incredible, even without any white out over the headings the stickers still cover it up really well and hardly show anything that was underneath. I also stuck some on and tried to take them off again, yet another amazing quality of these stickers, they are so easy to reposition! They don't lose any of their adhesiveness or start to crumple or curl at the edges.

Inside the envelope as well as the stickers was a small sample set, a note and a business card. 
The note is adorable and give some tips on what pens will work with what stickers and I just think that's such a thoughtful thing to put in. As some people may be buying stickers for the first time and wont know that some pens wont work on certain glossy stickers. 
(The note, business card and sample set.)
Overall I highly recommend this shop, every thing from the price to the quality of the stickers is amazing. When my first order got sent to the wrong house she also contacted me straight away and kept me updated. 
I trust her shop to give you good quality stickers for your planner.
She also has a Facebook page where updates and monthly discount codes are posted as well as posts from other buyers of her stickers, its a lovely community to be a part of and she's even having a planner meet up soon!
Incredible lady and incredible stickers, here's where to find her:
EllieBethDesignsUK on Etsy
EllieBethDesignsUK on Facebook

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