Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Happiness Planner review

Hey guys, I want to tell you about a little gem I stumbled across a few weeks ago.
It's called 'The Happiness Planner' it's a 100 day planner that focuses on making you an all round happier person.
I think it's an amazing unique idea and wish I had found it when I was in intensive treatment for depression and anxiety as it would have been perfect to do along side the treatment.
Alas I have found it now, I'm still in recovery so it will still help me a lot to make me focus on the good happy things in my life and work on my flaws.

I got the pink one, they have 3 colours to choose from pink, blue and black. Here is what the pink looks like.
Before you start the 100 days you are given a few questions to help you see what makes you happy, unhappy, what flaws and strengths you have and also what your goals are for the 100 days there is 10 questions in total and they really make you think.
The planner has no dates on it, it just starts from a Monday so you can start it at any time, there is room to add a date so you know when you started. I like to date it using a library date stamp.

Before each week you get a 'Weekly Goals' page where you can put all your goals for the week you get a part for personal goals, work goals, financial goals and so on, here is what the 'Weekly Goals' page looks like.
Also at the end of each week you get a 'Weekly Reflection' page where you can reflect on your week, the good and bad. This is what the 'Weekly Reflection' page looks like.
I've been using this planner for a couple of days now, and I love it. It something that I feel was made for someone just like me who needs a little push in the right direction each day. There is also motivational quotes through out that really help me when I feel down, here is one of my favourites.

I adore filling this planner out each day, it helps me keep track or what I need to do and writing it down makes it more likely I will do it, i also love to decorate it, I like putting my own personal touch on things using stickers and washi tape, just makes it so much more fun to look at!
A blank week looks something like this (plus my washi tape, stickers and date stamp)
Usually by the end of the day this is what my day pages will look like.
It looks bright and colourful and looking at it just gives me a clear mind and happy feelings!

I will continue to use this for the whole 100 days and may make a blog post at the end of it reviewing my experience of it and how different I feel from when I started to when I finished the 100 days.
This is a planner I can see myself re-buying over and over and also gifting it to people, as it seems a perfect gift to give someone, happiness!
It arrived quickly and un-damaged and this is a shop I highly recommend you check out as I whole heartedly trust it and really feel everyone would benefit from having a planner like this!
The happiness planner shop
All stickers you see are from ElliebethdesignsUK on etsy 

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