Saturday, 13 June 2015

The body shop facial cleanser brush review

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing a cleanser brush!
I bought this brush along with some other body shop products, it was my first time buying from them and I had decided to treat myself as it was my birthday.
This particular brush didn't have a price tag on it so I just thought oh it cant be too much right? It was £10!
So for the price of the tiny face brush I thought I would be getting a good quality product that would last a long time... Oh how wrong I was!
When I got home I decided to try it out, it felt really soft when it was dry and unused. As soon as I wet it and put cleanser on it it went all wrong! the fibres of the brush started to stick together and when I was washing the cleanser out of the brush I couldn't get it all out.
Alas I was not yet disheartened I decided to leave it to dry over night to see if it went back to its original condition, soft and lovely... But no! I felt it and it felt like it still had product in it no matter how many times I washed it and the fibres were still stuck together. Then I noticed the sides were peeling away!
All the pictures to the side are after only a few uses and its been drying for a few days.
Please do NOT buy this product it is not worth your money and i highly regret purchasing it.
You can never get all the product out of it so it carries on building up use after use. Till it just feels horrible to touch and nothing like the product I had bought.
Let me know your thoughts below, whether you have purchased this product in the past and how it was for you.

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