Friday, 19 June 2015

How I store my planner supplies

Hey guys, sorry this didn't go up on Wednesday I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently.

I've been thinking of way I can store my planner supplies neatly and in one place, so while I was shopping I saw an adorable toiletry bag and I just thought it would be perfect to store my supplies in. It was only £5, which is a bargain!
As I only have a few planner supplies this is ideal for me at the moment, but it would also be useful if you were travelling and needed to take some planner supplies with you. You could store your favourite pens/pencils/washi tape/stickers in it, and it takes up minimum space in your bag/suitcase.

This is what it looks like with out any supplies in it. Its small and light weight.

It also comes with a hook that you can remove or slide under the front when you've closed it. I think this is particularity handy if you don't have much room to spread your supplies out.
This is what it looks like hanging up, it has two clear pockets and one open pocket at the top.

In the first clear pocket I store all the washi  I own, in the second clear pocket I store all the stickers I own. The clear pockets are rather large so can store a lot.
The top pouch is a little flimsy if you put too much in it, it will open up I tried to put a few pens in there but it didn't go that well

When its closed the pens fall out so its only able to work if you have it hanging up. When its closed with everything in here's what it looks like, with out all the pens in(there is a few in there though.)
I think this is a really inexpensive way to store your supplies. You can probably find different types on toiletry bags and different designs so you can get what works for you.
I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas on how to store your planner supplies or reuse an old toiletry bag.

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