Friday, 19 June 2015

How I store my planner supplies

Hey guys, sorry this didn't go up on Wednesday I've been feeling a bit under the weather recently.

I've been thinking of way I can store my planner supplies neatly and in one place, so while I was shopping I saw an adorable toiletry bag and I just thought it would be perfect to store my supplies in. It was only £5, which is a bargain!
As I only have a few planner supplies this is ideal for me at the moment, but it would also be useful if you were travelling and needed to take some planner supplies with you. You could store your favourite pens/pencils/washi tape/stickers in it, and it takes up minimum space in your bag/suitcase.

This is what it looks like with out any supplies in it. Its small and light weight.

It also comes with a hook that you can remove or slide under the front when you've closed it. I think this is particularity handy if you don't have much room to spread your supplies out.
This is what it looks like hanging up, it has two clear pockets and one open pocket at the top.

In the first clear pocket I store all the washi  I own, in the second clear pocket I store all the stickers I own. The clear pockets are rather large so can store a lot.
The top pouch is a little flimsy if you put too much in it, it will open up I tried to put a few pens in there but it didn't go that well

When its closed the pens fall out so its only able to work if you have it hanging up. When its closed with everything in here's what it looks like, with out all the pens in(there is a few in there though.)
I think this is a really inexpensive way to store your supplies. You can probably find different types on toiletry bags and different designs so you can get what works for you.
I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas on how to store your planner supplies or reuse an old toiletry bag.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The body shop facial cleanser brush review

Hey guys, today I will be reviewing a cleanser brush!
I bought this brush along with some other body shop products, it was my first time buying from them and I had decided to treat myself as it was my birthday.
This particular brush didn't have a price tag on it so I just thought oh it cant be too much right? It was £10!
So for the price of the tiny face brush I thought I would be getting a good quality product that would last a long time... Oh how wrong I was!
When I got home I decided to try it out, it felt really soft when it was dry and unused. As soon as I wet it and put cleanser on it it went all wrong! the fibres of the brush started to stick together and when I was washing the cleanser out of the brush I couldn't get it all out.
Alas I was not yet disheartened I decided to leave it to dry over night to see if it went back to its original condition, soft and lovely... But no! I felt it and it felt like it still had product in it no matter how many times I washed it and the fibres were still stuck together. Then I noticed the sides were peeling away!
All the pictures to the side are after only a few uses and its been drying for a few days.
Please do NOT buy this product it is not worth your money and i highly regret purchasing it.
You can never get all the product out of it so it carries on building up use after use. Till it just feels horrible to touch and nothing like the product I had bought.
Let me know your thoughts below, whether you have purchased this product in the past and how it was for you.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Happiness Planner review

Hey guys, I want to tell you about a little gem I stumbled across a few weeks ago.
It's called 'The Happiness Planner' it's a 100 day planner that focuses on making you an all round happier person.
I think it's an amazing unique idea and wish I had found it when I was in intensive treatment for depression and anxiety as it would have been perfect to do along side the treatment.
Alas I have found it now, I'm still in recovery so it will still help me a lot to make me focus on the good happy things in my life and work on my flaws.

I got the pink one, they have 3 colours to choose from pink, blue and black. Here is what the pink looks like.
Before you start the 100 days you are given a few questions to help you see what makes you happy, unhappy, what flaws and strengths you have and also what your goals are for the 100 days there is 10 questions in total and they really make you think.
The planner has no dates on it, it just starts from a Monday so you can start it at any time, there is room to add a date so you know when you started. I like to date it using a library date stamp.

Before each week you get a 'Weekly Goals' page where you can put all your goals for the week you get a part for personal goals, work goals, financial goals and so on, here is what the 'Weekly Goals' page looks like.
Also at the end of each week you get a 'Weekly Reflection' page where you can reflect on your week, the good and bad. This is what the 'Weekly Reflection' page looks like.
I've been using this planner for a couple of days now, and I love it. It something that I feel was made for someone just like me who needs a little push in the right direction each day. There is also motivational quotes through out that really help me when I feel down, here is one of my favourites.

I adore filling this planner out each day, it helps me keep track or what I need to do and writing it down makes it more likely I will do it, i also love to decorate it, I like putting my own personal touch on things using stickers and washi tape, just makes it so much more fun to look at!
A blank week looks something like this (plus my washi tape, stickers and date stamp)
Usually by the end of the day this is what my day pages will look like.
It looks bright and colourful and looking at it just gives me a clear mind and happy feelings!

I will continue to use this for the whole 100 days and may make a blog post at the end of it reviewing my experience of it and how different I feel from when I started to when I finished the 100 days.
This is a planner I can see myself re-buying over and over and also gifting it to people, as it seems a perfect gift to give someone, happiness!
It arrived quickly and un-damaged and this is a shop I highly recommend you check out as I whole heartedly trust it and really feel everyone would benefit from having a planner like this!
The happiness planner shop
All stickers you see are from ElliebethdesignsUK on etsy 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Blogilates beginners workout

I personally love doing workouts at home, you can do it at your own pace and its free!
My recent favourite home work out is Blogilates, on her site she has a whole month for beginners, she has the work outs planned out for you every day so all you have to do is press play.
Already I'm feeling a lot stronger, even after only 6 days of it! I started on the 1st of June at day 1 on the beginners 2.0 calender.
I have also done the first beginners calender that she made and after 3 days of that one I could already see differences.
Obviously you also have to eat right as well as doing the exercise to be completely healthy.
That's what you should be aiming for, your aim shouldn't be 'thin' it should be 'healthy' every bodies body looks different when your healthy.
These videos really help you stay motivated, Cassey says positive things to you all the way through her videos even when she's killing you with how much burn there is.
Once you've completed the beginners work out you can also subscribe to her newsletter to get free monthly work outs at a higher level! It works just the same as the beginners one, she has everything planned out for you and you just press play!
This really takes the stress out of exercising for me, as I don't have to spend ages looking for something that's right for me. I also don't have to pay for it which is amazing because I couldn't afford to pay for a pilates class every day!
I hope this has helped some of you as well!
Happy workouting!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

EllieBethDesignsUK stickers review

My EllieBethDesignsUK stickers came yesterday, I ordered twice from her but these are the first stickers to arrive, as the other order confused a postman and got taken to the wrong house!
Today my second order arrived, this one only had the stickers and business card in it as it was only a small order.

This is what I ordered
(second order)
(first order)

I love all these stickers so much, the colours are very vibrant and the paper they're printed on is good quality. I love all the designs as they're perfect for the coming summer months. Also the price is amazing value for the quality you get, its a bargain!

I just had to try these stickers out so did a little bit of decorating next week!
The colour pigmentation is incredible, even without any white out over the headings the stickers still cover it up really well and hardly show anything that was underneath. I also stuck some on and tried to take them off again, yet another amazing quality of these stickers, they are so easy to reposition! They don't lose any of their adhesiveness or start to crumple or curl at the edges.

Inside the envelope as well as the stickers was a small sample set, a note and a business card. 
The note is adorable and give some tips on what pens will work with what stickers and I just think that's such a thoughtful thing to put in. As some people may be buying stickers for the first time and wont know that some pens wont work on certain glossy stickers. 
(The note, business card and sample set.)
Overall I highly recommend this shop, every thing from the price to the quality of the stickers is amazing. When my first order got sent to the wrong house she also contacted me straight away and kept me updated. 
I trust her shop to give you good quality stickers for your planner.
She also has a Facebook page where updates and monthly discount codes are posted as well as posts from other buyers of her stickers, its a lovely community to be a part of and she's even having a planner meet up soon!
Incredible lady and incredible stickers, here's where to find her:
EllieBethDesignsUK on Etsy
EllieBethDesignsUK on Facebook