Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Two lil' bees stickers review

Hey guys, I've recently ordered alot of stickers from some wonderful shops on Etsy. (So stay tuned for more reviews!)
The first lot of stickers to arrive were from Twolilbeesco on Etsy heres what i ordered;

Decorating kit: Fairytale (Blue)
Decorating kit: Woodland creatures

It came fairly quickly and was packaged adorably (I forgot to take photos.) I was also able to track my package so I knew when it would arrive which I found so useful as I was so excited to receive them!
Inside was my 4 pages of stickers I had ordered and a few single sticker freebies (which I didn't expect and made me so happy) and also their business card which is as adorable as their stickers.
Once I had opened my package and took in all the cuteness, I couldn't wait to stick these in my Erin Condren life planner so had to get to sticking straight away! 
 (My weekly spread using the stickers!)
I loved the combo of using the fairytale and woodland creatures together, they make it feel more alive and bring the theme all together. 
It says they are on non-removable paper but I did have to reposition some stickers as I wasn't happy with where I has first put them, but I was able to easily peel them off and re-stick them. As they hadn't been stuck down for long and I peeled them off with a gentle hand. 
So if you have sticker commitment issues don't be too scared when you see non-removable paper stickers!
The colours were lovely and the pictures on their Etsy shop are exactly the colours you get, I love how they are pastel but still pop on the page with colour.
Overall its a shop I trust to deliver a quality product and would recommend to anyone wanting to buy stickers for their planner.

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